Hidden Motivations Workshop with The PRINT Survey


Hidden Motivations Workshop with The PRINT Survey


Thursday, March 8

6:15 - 8:45 PM

30 Broad Street
9th Floor
New York, NY


Finding a career path and environment that works for you is much easier when you really understand what your deeper motivations are - what makes you feel good about your work, what stresses you out, what happens when you don’t enjoy your work, and how to work towards the best version of yourself at work.

The PRINT Survey helps you understand what motivates you by looking at 9 potential hidden drivers. This helps shed light on past experiences – why some things worked out well, and others didn’t. This new insight allows you to make more informed decisions about where your career is headed. It also allows you to identify ways to improve working relationships in your current job. Tangible action planning tools will help you clear communication roadblocks and tension in your current work environment.

It explained so much about my behavior and interests. It gave me language to what was mostly hidden. It seems to be the link or bridge to understanding what my interests are and what attracts me – or makes me crazy! – to my current position and future work.
— Rene Coleman - Fashion Industry, Pivot Program Participant

Once you register, you’ll receive a pre-paid code to take the PRINT diagnostic tool online before the workshop. You'll receive your results within a couple of hours.

The workshop fee includes the $80 cost of the diagnostic tool.