Is it time to start thinking about your next career move?

Debating if the career path you're on makes the most sense for you?

Feeling stuck and aren't sure how to figure out where to go next?

Clarify Your Career Direction: A Career Mapping Workshop is an in-depth experience to guide you through reflections and exercises to help you think through potential career paths. Whether you love your current position and want to move up, or are feeling burnt-out and aren't sure where to go next, you'll identify your unique talents, and start to clarify how and where you want your career to go over the next few years. 

How does it work?

First, you'll take the Gallup's StrengthsFinder, a globally recognized assessment tool that helps you build self-awareness and language around your unique talents and strengths.

You'll be guided through worksheets, exercises, and structured reflections to help you go deeper and think more concretely about how these talents connect to your work and how you want to apply them throughout your career. 

Next, with Pivot's special facilitated analysis exercises, you'll reflect and review various potential career paths to sift through your next career move. You'll also identify other important factors in your life to consider when navigating your career options.

You'll walk away with a clearer map of where you want to go - and where you will excel - over the course of your career.


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This session was so helpful and eye opening. It helped me truly get a sense of what my value is and how to use it at work!
— Thaisa T., Senior Fundraising Associate in Education

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What People Are Saying:

This was incredibly helpful – clarified my strengths and career direction in a fun, welcoming environment. It also helped me think about my potential career weak spots in a really constructive way.
— Susannah G. Content Strategist in Nonprofit
No hokey, weird prescriptiveness or useless exercises here! This workshop was incredibly useful, and the tools she imparts can be used throughout the rest of your career and life.
I would highly recommend!
— Alyson S., Nonprofit Program Associate


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