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Personalized Pivot Coaching Programs Support you to:

  • Take stock of where you are and where you've been

  • Discover your unique talents, gifts, and motivations and aim them towards opportunities that you'll excel in

  • Map out where you want to go next with a strategic analysis of career path options

  • Shift from awkward and painful 'informational interviews' to more authentic, productive networking conversations

  • Communicate a polished narrative and story for informal and formal conversations and interviews

  • Create an action plan for actually making your pivot happen

  • Get the accountability you need with 24/7 email support

Emily is a fantastic partner for people who want to step back and design their next moves in their career. She is the perfect mixture of supportive and challenging, conventional and creative. I love having her in my corner!
— Joe M. Nonprofit Professional
When I reached out to Emily, I had relocated to a new geographic area and needed help finding the right next step. Initially, I was a little afraid to commit the time and money. But after going through our sessions, I know it was remarkably helpful. Emily is a great coach who really listens to your concerns and comes up with a personalized program to fulfill your goals. She helps with what you want, but also encourages you to think even beyond what you think you need in order to better support you and lead you to more fulfilling outcomes. I feel more confident and empowered in my career as I start my new job. The clarity I got and support I received at a really critical juncture was so worth the investment!
— Shaina W., Nonprofit & Advocacy Professional
After a few years of working on short-term, part-time consulting projects, I began working with Emily to think through whether I wanted to keep consulting, take a full-time job, or even change fields altogether. Working with Emily helped me clarify what I was looking for - and decide to accept a full-time job I’m really excited about, while also making space to explore other fields and projects that I’m interested in. As someone who’s worked in nonprofits and politics herself, Emily’s understanding of this landscape was incredibly helpful. Highly recommend!
— Erica S, Digital Strategist

The PIVOT Curriculum


  1. Clarity & Awareness: We strongly believe you have to know where you are and where you've been in order to make informed and strategic decisions about where you're headed next in your career.

    Our curriculum includes one or two diagnostic tools that help you grow your awareness and discover what makes you special and how to best align your future work.

  2. Strategic Career Mapping: We help you walk through all the various career path options you have in front of you and facilitate an analysis of which ones will maximize your fulfillment and success. Our exercises and reflections help you zero in on what's really important to you, and prepare you with the key questions you need to ask to know if it's the right fit for you.

  3. Clarity & Polish of Your Story & Purpose: There are a ton of common questions you need eloquent answers to at the ready. 'Tell me about yourself...' 'Walk us through your resume' and 'What are you looking to do next?' are some of the most likely questions you'll get in your transition.

    We help you uncover the unique thread and story in a way that boosts your confidence and the delivery of these key communication pieces.

  4. Structure & Action Plan Your Search: Often times a job search is a marathon, not a sprint.

    We help you create a structure and format for your search process that will keep you from losing your mind and maximize your time and energy.

When I found Pivot, I was looking to transition in my job, but I wanted to set myself up for the best search possible by ensuring I was looking at places with the right culture and responsibilities for me (since looking for a job and interviewing sometimes isn’t the hard part - it’s more making sure you’re finding the right fit!). Going through the Pivot curriculum was life changing. Emily helps you uncover your strengths, key motivations and what you need in a job and culture so you find the *right* job based off of deeper parts of yourself. Even though I had used some of the tools before, it was so helpful to work through these things with Emily. Without doing this work, I think it’s easy to get into the wrong position.
— Amanda V. Business Development
Before I started working with Emily, I was struggling to find direction in beginning my job search and I needed help formulating a plan to get going. Working with Emily has really expanded my perception of my own strengths, what I need from a future job, and what kinds of careers might be most rewarding. She is a knowledgeable, thoughtful guide who can help you no matter what you’re looking for. Working with her opened my eyes to new professional possibilities and gave me the space to explore those.
— Catherine H. Communications Agency Associate
Months ago I didn’t know what career path I saw for myself for the future, or how to articulate what I wanted. After four months of Pivot programs, I am so much clearer on where I want to go next and am able communicate what I’m good at. With all of the tools we used, I also know that if I choose to go down another path in the future, I’ll know how to reset and start fresh if needed. I’m constantly telling my friends how life-changing working with Emily has been – she’s had such a huge impact on how I approach my path and career!
— Samantha P. Nonprofit Professional
In less than 10 sessions with Emily I was able to make a transition from working in finance to real estate. As a result of the coaching, I now understand how to dissect a job posting and analyze exactly what the company is looking for and effectively use that information to customize my application. Emily helped me craft a more polished story so that I was much more confident and successful in the interview process. I would not start your job search or career transition without first working with her.
— Joseph Stein, Real Estate Professional

Sample Coaching PACKAGES

Full Pivot

12 60-minute sessions, delivered over 4-6 months

Investment: $2,399 & up

mini Pivot

4 60-minute sessions, delivered over 1-2 months

Investment: $799 & up

Medium PIVOT

8 60-minute sessions, delivered over 2-3 months

Investment: $1,599 & up

We tailor and customize packages to your specific career needs.

Need just a few sessions to prep for a big upcoming interview? We do those too.

All packages can be paid in full or in installments,
and do not include the cost of any diagnostic tools that may be used.

Before starting Pivot, I was struggling to find direction in my career. I knew I was good at sales, but didn’t feel motivated to do it anymore and I felt like the industry was the wrong work environment.

I got so much insight out of our sessions. I always knew my high level individual desires and needs, but being able to go deeper into my strengths and what drives me really helped me paint a clearer picture of my future and what I want out of my life. Having Emily as a sounding board for my decision making process has been extremely helpful - she knew when to reference previous sessions and work we’ve done together in order to help me make the best decision at this current stage in my life. I feel confident I’m in the right position now!

If you’re at a cross roads in your life about how to effectively take that next step in your career, Emily is your girl. She’s worth every penny! I have so much more insight and clarity into my life and what will make it meaningful.
— Tayler Corbisiero, Sales Director

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What Others Have Said: 

I first attended a Pivot Career Mapping Workshop and then found myself in need of more support finding a new and better aligned position. Emily really knows her stuff and deeply cares about her clients. She fully engages in your challenges and is super helpful and responsive when you need a hand. As a result of the workshops, and just a handful of coaching sessions, I have a much better understanding of my value, and the types of organizations I would be a good fit for. And her knowledge of the ‘ins and outs’ of job searching, resume and cover letter writing, and interview skills were life saving. I would highly recommend attending a Pivot workshop or coaching with Emily – it was life changing.
— Laura Pinto, HR professional
When I approached Pivot, I was thinking through my next steps and working on how to best position myself in my search. Emily is a great sounding board, coach, cheerleader and taskmaster all in one. She definitely kept me on track and helped me figure out what I was really looking for next. While the cost was a consideration, in the end it was definitely worth it for such a helpful experience. She is definitely someone you want by your side!
— Sam, Political Professional
I came to Pivot after casually job seeking for almost a year. I had participated in other professional development programs, but still struggled to find clarity on what my next career move should be and how to make it happen. My Pivot coaching package met and exceeded my expectations!
The biggest benefit I’ve experienced from working with Emily has been a clear path forward. I found each of the sessions very helpful - some game changing - with information that will help me throughout the rest of my career. I always felt very supported. I’d highly recommend Pivot coaching.
— Jerilyn, Business Professional
Before I started Pivot coaching, I was struggling to understand my strengths and the types of roles that would be a good fit for me. I also struggled with confidence and self-esteem. Pivot coaching has been life changing for me. My biggest takeaway has been regaining my confidence and relearning to love the things that make me who I am. Emily has been monumentally encouraging and helped reignite my belief in myself that I have something to offer this world. She is super insightful, very responsive and caring, knows her stuff, and meets you wherever you are in the journey of finding out what you want to do with you life!
— Katie Aholt, Nonprofit Professional
I’ve worked with Emily a long time ago, so when it came time to navigating a career pivot again, I reached out. I was in very bad shape - lacking confidence and direction after being let go from a toxic job. Emily is amazing! She helped me process what happened at my last job, and get back on track and coached me through some difficult times. I regained my sense of self and purpose thanks to our work together. And I’m gainfully employed again!
— Sarah D., Digital Strategist
I went to Pivot for some quick support when I was in a job transition and starting up an organization. I was feeling overwhelmed by learning quickly, discerning priorities, and setting boundaries. Emily took me through a systematic way of working through the complex challenge of creating a role for myself that fit my strengths and interests. If you are seriously committing to make the next phase of your career clear & actionable, Emily’s your coach.
— Chelsea Simpson, Social Innovation professional
I went to Pivot knowing I needed to clarify my career direction and get motivated in my job search. Working with Emily was a great investment. She is no nonsense, sets clear expectations, and challenges you to be your best self. The techniques and tools she shared helped me better define what I need to be engaged, productive and fulfilled on the job. As a result, I have a clearer understanding of what my strengths are, how to articulate my skills and experience, and what steps to take to take my career to the next level.
— Nikki N., Nonprofit Professional