Questions we get about our curriculum and journeys

Tell me more about the Pivot Journeys curriculum!?


Whether you're thinking of an individual coaching package or a group journey, our curriculum has a few unique, key elements:

  1. Self-Discovery & Awareness: We strongly believe you have to know where you are, and where you came from, in order to make informed and strategic decisions about where you're headed next in your career.

    Our curriculum includes two diagnostic tools that help you grow your awareness and discover what makes you special and how to best align your future work. See more about the tools below.
  2. Strategic Career Mapping: We help you walk through all the various career path options you have in front of you and facilitate an analysis of which ones will maximize your fulfillment and success. Our exercises and reflections help you zero in on what's really important to you, and prepare you to with the key questions you need to ask to know if it's the right fit for you.
  3. Clarity & Polish of Your Story & Purpose: There are a ton of common questions you need eloquent answers to at the ready.

    'Tell me about yourself...' 'Walk us through your resume' and 'What are you looking to do next?' are some of the most likely questions you'll get in your transition. We help you uncover the unique thread and story in a way that boosts your confidence and the delivery of these key communication pieces. 

What are the diagnostic tools you use? how do they help?

When used correctly, diagnostic tools help increase self-awareness and help you connect the dots for why some things have worked, and some things haven’t worked in you current and previous jobs. 

Pivot Journeys uses two tools – The Gallup StrengthsFinder and The PRINT Survey.

StrengthsFinder is a well-known tool that accurately captures your unique talents. This tool is a powerful guide in your journey. What skills do you have that make you special? And how do you use these strengths to create an awesome and meaningful career? This tool gives you great language to talk about what you love doing and why you’re so good at it. And it sets you up to identify roles that will play to your strengths for long-term happiness and success. 

The other tool, The PRINT Survey, helps uncover your hidden drivers and motivations. Ever wonder why some days you feel great about your work and other days you’re frustrated or not engaged? You unconscious motivators might be at work here. This tool helps you recognize what truly fuels you, and gives you tools to ask the right questions when charting your career path to maximize your happiness.

How much work experience do I need to have? 

We suggest that participants have a few years of work experience to get the most out of a Pivot Journey. If you’re wondering about your experience level, set up a free 30-minute exploratory coaching call.

Who else will be going on the journey?

We value personalized attention and small, intimate groups to dig into this work with. In addition to one or two coaches traveling with the group, our journeys are no more than ten people. While people come from a variety of different career fields, and have various levels of experience, you'll share a love of travel and drive in your career in common with everyone. Drop us a line and we can tell you a bit more about who's currently signed up! 

Who is the typical Pivot Journey participant?

Pivot Journeys attracts people from many diverse backgrounds. The average participant age is 33, with our youngest being in their early-20's and the oldest being in their late 50's. Participants work in a variety of fields including nonprofit, legal, consulting, large corporations, startup, academia, and government. 

With all of this diversity, 100% of our participants have rated their Pivot Journey 'very helpful' or 'life changing!'

See what previous participants have said about their Pivot Journey.

What if I want to continue with coaching after the journey is finished? 

You absolutely can!

Through Pivot’s trusted network of coaches, we can recommend additional coaches for you to continue your journey

Who will be coaching me? 

Not all trips have the same coaches, but here’s a list of awesome coaches we work with. If you'd like to know who's coaching on your Pivot Journey, just ask us and we're happy to let you know! 



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