Why I Started Pivot Journeys

It was shortly after New Year’s in 2015. My husband and I were walking through Prospect Park in Brooklyn headed to catch a matinee movie. While soaking up the sunshine on our 30-minute walk, I found myself thinking that this year was going to be a year where I needed to make a pivotal move in my career.

It was not the first time I was slightly overwhelmed at how I was going to figure out my next step, or how I would get there. My mind wandered to thinking about traveling. I felt drawn to the inspiration that comes from being in a place I’ve never been before; it opens me up to new possibilities, and lets me escape my everyday routine.

I know it sounds silly, but it was then that the idea hit me. Why wasn’t there a company that actually combined these two things – career development and travel? Why not create experiences where people explore their career through all the benefits that travel provides?

The idea stuck with me over the next few months, so I did some research. I couldn’t find a company that offered participants the opportunity to tackle their transitional career moments through various workshops and coaching while on fun, exciting, international trips.

In mid-2015, I decided to survey friends to get their thoughts. The overwhelming response was that they would love to tackle their professional development on a trip. Armed with what I thought people wanted and needed, I started my side hustle.  

After months of weighing the pros and cons of starting a business, I decided it was time to leave my stable job and make my side hustle my full-time job. How did I know it was right for me to take the leap? Five reasons:  

1.     It was time for a challenge. I was at the point where no matter how much coffee I drank a day I was always tired… I needed something to wake me up.

As Tory Burch said, “If it doesn’t scare you, you’re probably not dreaming big enough.” I was at a pivotal moment in my career. It was time to do something significantly different.

2.     I wanted to build something that made an impact. I realized that the organizations and jobs that got me psyched were about building something; something with great potential that would make an impact on the world.

But no other job or company got me as excited as building this company.

3.     I have always loved helping individuals grow and thrive. I’m an individual capacity-builder; it’s in my bones.

Helping a friend strategize over how to ask for a raise? Love it.

Teaching workshops on how to be a better networker? Love it.

Being the go-to person when someone is trying to save for retirement? Love it.

I was lucky enough to find my passion years ago when I fell into career development coaching and training years ago; and I missed it.

My 2012 Personal Pivot Journey. Here I am in western Austria.

4.     Travel fuels my soul. As you’ve probably gathered, I’m always thinking about my next trip.

Whether it’s planning our yearly canoe-camping trip with my husband in the Adirondacks, or a six-week backpacking trip through Europe, travel both wakes me up and calms me down.

5.     I wish Pivot Journeys had existed for me. The biggest reason I started Pivot was that I wish I could have gone on a trip like this in my past.

I’ve left many a job to travel the globe not knowing what was next for me. I wish that some of those trips could have been more structured to help me figure out my next transition. And that I could have traveled with people who were going through the same soul-searching I was.

I believe everyone’s personal career adventure deserves a real-life adventure.

All of these reasons led me to know it was time for me to Pivot.