5 Reasons a Vacation Can Actually Help Your Job Search

Finding yourself browsing job postings but your mind is dreaming of lying on a beach in the Caribbean or hiking Machu Picchu?  

I get it.

I started my career working on political campaigns, so I got pretty used to having to find a job after mine had ended after Election Day. I was often burned out from working 24/7, and hadn’t taken any time for myself in months. You don’t even want to know how much pizza I ate.

The Coast of Fraser Island Australia

I often took a vacation or really long trip after each political cycle. Even after I stopped working in politics, I often still separated my jobs or career moves by traveling.

Have you dreamt of doing that too? Or maybe you have the vacation days saved up and are thinking about booking that ticket? 

Taking time off to travel can actually make you more likely to find and secure your next position.

Really. Bear with me here...

Here are just a few of the benefits that travel can have for the weary job seeker:

1.     Re-charges your batteries.

Sending out countless resumes and cover letters every week just because you think you should?

Taking a break to re-charge can actually increase your productivity when your return. Lose the guilt over taking a timeout, and remind yourself it’s going to reap positive benefits on more than just your tan when you come back energized, rejuvenated, and rested.

2.     Gets you out of your comfort zone.

Think an interview or salary negotiation is nerve wracking?  

You’ll feel a lot more confident about your ability to tackle challenging moments when you’re a pro at navigating unfamiliar situations.

You get constant practice figuring out where you’re going, ordering a meal, or meeting new people when traveling. Adapting to new environments and situations are crucial to succeeding in your job search.

3.     Aligns your passions.

When you travel, you go where your heart takes you.  

If the job you’re applying for connects to your passion, you have a great story to tell about how your personal and professional passions are connected. This builds authenticity and trust that you’re the right person for the job.

4.     Opens up new possibilities.

When you’re in a different place, you see things you don’t ordinarily see when you’re going through the motions in your daily grind.

You might notice different types of jobs people are doing, or different ways that people go about their everyday lives.

And who knows, maybe you’ll discover a potential job or career field you didn’t think about before!

5.     Hands you some perspective.

Feel like you could use a dose of perspective in your current situation?

There’s nothing like being in new environments to help you gain perspective about your life. It promotes sensitivity, learning, solutions, and new ideas – all of which are great skills to hone when job seeking. 

And why not pair all these skills you gain through traveling with structured professional development through your trip?

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