2018 Summer Reads for your Career

We all know that summer is a great time to dive into a good book.

In addition to any fun beach reads you’ve got on your list, why not also consider one or two books that might help you view your work differently and give you additional tools for success?

One thing we know for sure about successful leaders is that they put a high priority on constant learning, and look for ways to grow and develop their own knowledge base.

We’ve compiled our favorite books of the last few months for you here, and a bit about why you should consider picking these up!

Fierce Conversations
By Susan Scott

Do you sometimes struggle to have difficult conversations? Do you know there’s something you’re avoiding discussing at work or in your personal life? If so, this is a great read where author Susan Scott guides you through a simple framework for tackling a challenging conversation.

Her seven-step process to having hard discussions lays the groundwork for more emotionally manageable and productive result.

First, Break All The Rules
By Marcus Buckingham

Want to understand what makes great managers great? Want to set yourself up to be considered the best manager? Then this is the book to read.

Buckingham, in partnership with Gallup, took the extensive research conducted on great quality managers to understand how they got the results they did. This book gives lessons and performance actions for managers at every level who want to drive productivity, profits and more.

Designing Your Life: How to Think Build a Well Lived and Joyful Life
By William Burnett and Dave Evans

While it was technically on our list last year, I am constantly recommending this book to clients and colleagues, I just had to include it in this summer’s list.

This book, written by two Stanford professors, helps you see your career and your life in general in the most positive and inspiring way – but not in a fake 'dream big' way.

It's all about applying the same design thinking approach to your career that design firms apply to innovating and problem-solving for companies. And I guarantee it will change your outlook on your life and work, all for the better.

The Culture Code
By Dan Coyle

This was a fascinating read on the three critical elements of positive organizational cultures. Coyle uses super interesting examples from real companies about how these qualities come to life and how to implement them with clear action steps. A fast, easy and enjoyable read.

Any manager or leader who cares about creating a positive culture should read this book and take notes!

The Power of Moments
By Dan & Chip Heath

For anyone that’s directly involved in building a business, creating programs, managing a team, or creating organizational culture, this book is a must read – and a lot of fun.

It’s chocked full of really inspiring and interesting real stories of companies and organizations that demonstrate that little and big moments can drive really meaningful change and progress.

I can hardly keep up with the list I've got!
Here's what I'm checking out of the library over the next few months... 

The New Rules of Work
By Alexandra Cavoulacos & Kathryn Minshew

Written by the founders of The Muse, this is a practical how-to guide for navigating your career. I’ve just started this and am looking forward to hearing their take on the ins and outs of job searching – even though I advise my clients daily, I always love learning tips and tricks that others use to stand out in their job search!


Radical Candor
By Kim Scott

This book has been on my list for a while and I know dozens of people who have raved about it.

In all my work with organizations, I constantly see how clear, direct, well-delivered feedback and management is critical to a team’s success. Can’t wait to pick this one up!  


What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful Kindle Edition
By Marshall Goldsmith  

This book was recommended to me recently when I asked a colleague about facing hard truths about one’s self and what it means for success. Goldsmith writes about the sometimes unconscious habits we all have and how they can help and hurt us get to higher levels of success.


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