Never Stop Mapping Your Career Path

A few weeks ago, we combined a few parts of the Pivot Journeys curriculum for a special workshop with over 50 women from the Women’s Information Network (WIN) in Washington, DC.

Clarify your Career Direction: A Career Mapping Workshop was an in-depth three and a half-hour experience for professionals of all career stages and backgrounds.

Participants took a timeout from their busy schedules to really engage in thoughtful reflections, exercises, and conversations with new connections about what their skills are, and where they want to take them over the course of their career.

The workshop got such great reviews, we’ve decided to host another one in Brooklyn on June 3rd.

I was speaking with one participant a few days after the event and we were both lamenting and appreciating how each stage in your career can feel like a bit of a rollercoaster, and we are all constantly evaluating if we’re on the right path, and if so, what comes next.

This workshop gives everyone tools and exercises to use throughout your career to evaluate the path you’re on, and strategically map out what potential future ones look like.

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