This is my Dream Job.

I have a dream job.

I help others build and achieve their dream jobs because, come on... we spent most of our time at work.

It is essential to like what we do.

I was super excited to join Pivot Costa Rica as a coach. My work as an idea coach and slow down expert pairs so nicely with Pivot Journeys’ approach to taking a timeout for inspiration and motivation about your work.

Me, very happy experiencing Pura Vida.

After arriving in Costa Rica, we all somehow lost our “busy” energy; you know, the kind that makes you feel stressed out, overwhelmed and anxious. It felt like we left it behind in the US at the airport.

Everyone got a bit lighter.

The more we immersed ourselves in the beauty of nature around us, we smiled more at each other.

For me as coach, I love seeing how people change when they take time off and relax, sleep, eat well, and how they open up as human beings.

One of my personal favorite moments was when we had an impromptu pool dance party after dinner. That started the trip off just right.

I would never have dreamt of, or known this type of work experience could be reality for me.

Photo credit Katarina Kojic

Over dinner our first evening, I told the group I’d be going surfing the next morning. Turns out, most people were up for trying it and our Pivot trip became an amateur surfing bootcamp. After one formal lesson, the waves kept calling us back. We all fell down, got back up, kept at it, and had fun.

I always think it’s important to combine deep personal work with fun, light activities, and that’s what Pivot Journeys offered: the perfect location, great workshops, and lots of different activities to explore alone or with the group.

As one of the coaches on the trip, I had a chance to observe some transformational moments.

Eventually all of our amazing group made new discoveries for themselves about their personal and professional life.

One decided it was time leave her current job and is making plans to do so.
One got a new job offer and is moving across the country.
One understood there are other areas of their life they plan to concentrate more on.

One finally made up her mind to start her own business.
One got confirmation that what she is currently doing is exactly what she needs to be doing.

Having the whole week to get to know the group and seeing them get lighter each day, and more focused and energized about what comes next for them was like fuel for me. It was a great reminder of why I do this work.

Getting to travel to beautiful, inspiring places and supporting people in their own realizations and adventures. This is my dream job.

I can’t wait to go back for Pivot Costa Rica 2017.

Marina Romashko is the founder of Big Idea Lab where she helps people make their ideas reality. As a coach and thought leader, she's also a slow down expert holding Slow Down Retreats every month to help anyone and everyone do more by prioritizing their life and maintaining more balance and inner peace.