Great Job Boards You Might Not Know: Part Two

We hope our first post on job boards was helpful and you’ve uncovered some good new places to find your next dream job.  

This week’s list from Pivot Journeys is specific to different industries; very helpful if you’re looking to switch careers and figure out where to look for different jobs!

And if you are thinking about switching sectors, take a look at the postings on these boards and see if you’re interested in the types of day-to-day work that you’d be doing in a similar role but in a different industry. This will help you confirm you are interested in exploring those industries, and will help you narrow down what type of role you’re looking for that will be most interesting to you.

Without further ado…. Here’s part two of our list!



We have a lot of Pivot Journeys participants that contemplate a career switch into the culinary sector.

For those of you who have a dream of working with or in the food industry, this is a gem of a site with great resources and jobs in the industry.

Check out their job board here.



So you’re a political news junky thinking of working in electoral politics or for a progressive issue advocacy group? Then this is the place to look for your next gig.

In addition to their job board, you can upload your resume on their site for employers to look for you and check out their career fairs, brown bag lunches and other workshops.

Check out their job board here.



So you want to work in the arts. Maybe an art gallery, or an arts foundation or nonprofit or educational institution? This is the place to find jobs.

NYFA has lots of resources for working artists and arts organizations. While most of their jobs are New York based, they do list jobs from around the country.

Check out their job board here.



Without a doubt the biggest place to go for professionals working in publishing, Publishers Marketplace is considered, “publishing’s essential daily read.”

A robust job board with tons of positions, this is the place to go if you want to work in the publishing world.

Check out their job board here.



Net Impact is nonprofit membership association for those interested in making a positive impact on the world through business.

With over 300 local chapters around the world, they host an annual conference (coming up in November!), lots of various local events, and have a job board with awesome jobs for those interested in pursuing a career with socially and environmentally sustainable businesses. 

Check out their job board here.



Another great resource for people interested in socially responsible businesses and corporations is the B Corps Job Board. According to them, “B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”

There are over 1,500 certified B corps around the world all working to redefine what success means in business. This board has a ton of different type of jobs in lots of different kinds of organizations all within B Corps. 

Check out their job board here.


While not a traditional job board, ReWork is a recruiting firm that works with progressive organizations to find the best talent that melds purpose, talents and impact. If foundations, startups, nonprofits, and social impact organizations are your jam, this site’s a great place to check out.

Fill out a profile, and you’ll get emails with jobs that might be the right fit for you. Can’t hurt, right?

Sign up here.


Looking for freelance work in particular?

I recently came across Hubstaff Talent, which offers a bunch of services for hiring and managing freelancers. They also have a job board that lists everything from short-term copywriter or photo editing gigs, to longer project positions like social media marketing manager or data research positions. 

If you've been toying with the idea of remote, freelance work, this might be a good place to start looking! 

View jobs here.

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