Job Searching is Like Training for a Marathon

Today is the 2017 Boston Marathon! 

As a runner, I can really appreciate the pain - both physical and mental - that can be associated with training for a marathon. I've run four 1/2 marathons but never a full.

Training can be physically exhausting of course, but often for me, the worst part of training is the mental energy it takes.

Thinking about the long run you have coming up the next day.
Psyching yourself up the morning of a long run to get out the door.
When you're only half way done with your long run, pushing aside thoughts of, 'This is too far... I can't.'

It is totally like being in a long job search. 

Thinking about the Saturday you have coming up and knowing you'll spend it scouring job boards.
Psyching yourself up the morning of a job interview.
When you haven't heard back from an organization and have to put aside thoughts of, 'I'm not qualified. I'll never get hired.'

I often tell clients to treat the job search, and especially a larger career pivot like training for a marathon.

Do a little everyday or week and over time you'll have built up stamina, a network, clarity, and confidence.

Need some tips to get you started? Want some ideas on the first things you should do when tackling and training for a career transition? 

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