Pivot Journeys Guide to Iceland: The Must-See & Do's

So you're thinking of heading to the Land of Fire and Ice (Iceland!)? 

Planning a vacation can be stressful and overwhelming. 

Where should I go? 
What are the must-see and must-do things?
Which are the best restaurants to eat at?
What do I pack? 

Here’s our list of must-do things in Iceland: 

1. Downtown Reykjavik & Laugavegur

You’ll likely stay in Reykjavik when visiting Iceland at least for a few days. 60% of Icelanders live in the city. 

Laugavegur is the main street running through downtown Reykjavík and is considered the heart of this small town. 

In the local shops and restaurants, you’ll run into friendly locals and see what every day life is like here. With the many unique Icelandic craftsmen, you’re sure to return with a few great souvenirs and gifts. 

Sound good and want to pair it with some reflection on your life and career? Pivot Iceland leaves you inspired and with a positive outlook on life. 

2. The Northern Lights

This natural phenomenon is one of the biggest draws to Iceland. The official Aurora Borealis season is from October to March on nights with clear skies. 

In order to check the northern lights off your bucket list, head as far away from any light pollution as possible. 

3. Nordic Food

Lamb and fish are staples to the Viking-esque diet of Icelanders. 

Everything is fresh thanks to the local farmers, fisherman, and growers who help keep the small neighborhood vibes alive throughout the country. 

Fan of greek yogurt? Check out Skyr - high in protein, hardly any fat, it's a staple of Icelandic diets and is yummy. 

Head to Reykjavík’s downtown area for an awesome and authentic selection of restaurants and bars. The Fish Company, Resto, Grillmarkadurinn, and Baejarins Beztu Pylsur are some of the top ones.  

4. The Blue Lagoon

Do we even have to say it? 

Opening to the public in 1992, Iceland has become famous for this man-made geothermal spa. 

Visitors are required to shower before entering the lagoon, as it is serves recreational and medicinal purposes alike. The 100-degree water is rich in minerals such as silica and sulfur and is known to treat skin diseases like psoriasis. 

Slap some mud on your face, kick back, and relax. Opt for an in-water massage if you're really in need of pampering.

How could we not include a trip to the Blue Lagoon on Pivot Iceland?!

5. Glacier Hike

If you're someone who likes to get out and explore nature, this is a must for you. With difficulty levels ranging from easy to extreme, this bucket-list experience can be had by anyone, really!

You’ll be stunned by the ice formations while learning about Viking history from your guide. 

You can even book a tour that includes ice climbing. Ice picks, ropes, helmets and all other safety gear is, of course, provided. While a little more expensive than some of the other day tours, we promise it’s worth it. 

6. The Golden Circle

If watching nature from a bus or doing less physical activity is more your style, this is the day tour for you. The Golden Circle tour is the popular route around southern Iceland that covers 190 miles.

You’ll see the Þingvellir National Park, Strokkur Geyser, Gullfoss Waterfall, Kerið Crater Lake, and miles of magnificent costal scenery. 

The trip takes about eight hours and is a great way to explore parts of Iceland that aren’t in Reykjavik. 

7. Whale Watching

If you love animals, get up close and personal with Iceland’s wildlife! This low-key, relaxing activity is truly spectacular. 

In the whale watching capital of Europe, you’re bound to meet a variety of critters; from humpbacks and dolphins to puffins and gannets. Whale watching is best from April through October and tours normally last between two and three hours. 

Iceland is known as being a warm and welcoming country full of natural beauty and simple pleasures. And a perfect spot for taking a timeout from your everyday routine and environment. 

Looking for a unique experience to map out your career while on an awesome adventure? Check out Pivot Iceland happening in April. You'll cross at least a few of these off your list, with plenty of time to hit them all!