Your Career in Chapters: Which One is Next?

They say that life is like a book. 

Filled with chapters that begin and end, characters that fade in and out, and sentences with grammatical errors that we regret ever writing.  

We were all given an empty book on day one and have been filling in the pages our whole lives, whether realizing it our not. 

Some books end up being longer than others. Some writers don’t get a lot of time to fill their pages. Others have stories overflowing into the margins. 

Paragraphs end abruptly and fragmented sentences are strewn across the pages. And not all our transitions are seamless. 

Sometimes the story doesn’t make sense and we can’t begin to imagine what the next chapter might look like. 

Have you ever stopped to wonder what chapter of the book of your career you’re in right now?

Are you at the beginning of your career story, with an array of goals but no clear strategy?

Have you already written a few chapters in your career story? Do you want the next chapters to look differently? If so, what will change? The characters? The setting? The theme?  

Or maybe you’re much farther into your book, seeing some last minute plot twists or being introduced to new and important characters. 

No matter how far along you are, we want to make sure your career story is one worth reading.

So bear with me here on this… What answers do you get when you ask yourself these questions: 

  • What is the tone of your current chapter, and why? 
  • How is this chapter going to affect the following ones?
  • Which chapters do you find yourself rereading? Why?
  • Do you know what you want your final chapter to say?
  • What is the overall thesis and message of your career story? 

Asking these questions today will give you the chance to write your next chapter exactly how you want to. 

At Pivot Journeys, we encourage everyone to examine the story he or she has written and use only the best aspects of it to write the next chapters. 

Rarely would an author start writing a book without any idea of how the story is going to go. It will undoubtedly change along the way, but there is always a general idea or guideline. The only question is how to get that idea to come to life. How do you get these ideas down on paper and into the story?

That’s where Pivot Journeys comes in. 

Our journeys allow you to take a much-needed time-out, reflect on your career story, and brainstorm about the next chapters with career development experts. We walk you through understanding your strengths and how they can be utilized in the workplace; what your underlying motivations are and how these affect the other people in your story, and what might need to change as your story progresses. 

At the end of your Pivot Journey, you will have composed your personal narrative so you can relay the message of your best self to anyone who asks. Think of this as the explanation paragraph on the back of your career book. 

If you’re unhappy with your plot, change your setting. 

You only get one chance to write your story; make sure it’s worth telling. 


Need to step back and reflect on what chapter you're in of your career? Check out Pivot Journeys coaching and upcoming journeys and workshops that can help you start your next chapter in your career book!