Back to Where it Started

It feels like yesterday that I moved to DC. I was 23, bright eyed, and fresh off of a congressional campaign in 2006. I had no job, and no female friends in DC. I had kind of moved there with a few guys from the campaign, but I had no fellow girlfriends to navigate the complex world of DC politics with. 

Along came WIN... 

The Women's Information Network. 

I remember going to a few of their events in my first few months in DC - cocktail receptions on Capitol Hill with congresswomen and WIN leadership, their Young Women of Achievement Awards event, and other networking gatherings. How motivating and inspiring it was to see and hear from these powerful women making such an impact in the world!

It was through WIN I met a few different amazing women who have made such a difference in my life. One, who I remember so clearly years ago wanted to bet me money that she'd never have a salary above 100k. I spoke to her last week as she was troubleshooting a job offer and negotiation. She makes over 100k now. 

Another dear friend and I started the WIN Travel Network to assemble the women in politics who also had an adventurous side and liked to explore the world. Even back then we first connected about how inspiring and powerful travel can be for your career. She now works for Facebook having moved up the ranks there and kicking ass - and she still finds time to travel!

I was so lucky to have an organization like WIN as I navigating my career in the nation's capital. So I couldn't be more excited about partnering with them next month, in April, for a Saturday afternoon intensive workshop on career mapping.

Clarify your Career Direction: A Career Mapping Workshop is an in-depth workshop to guide participants through reflections and exercises that utilize their strengths to determine potential career paths. Whether you love your current position and want to move up, or are feeling burnt-out and aren't sure where to go next, you'll identify your unique talents, and start to clarify how, and where you want your career to go over the next few years. 

Live in the DC area? Come out and join us on Saturday, April 15 from 1:00 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Register here.

I'm so looking forward to facilitating this session for 50 young women, who I'm sure will be destined for the same level of career success as my friends I met over 10 years ago in DC.