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After a few years of working on short-term, part-time consulting projects, I began working with Emily to think through whether I wanted to keep consulting, take a full-time job, or even change fields altogether. Working with Emily helped me clarify what I was looking for - and decide to accept a full-time job I’m really excited about, while also making space to explore other fields and projects that I’m interested in. As someone who’s worked in nonprofits and politics herself, Emily’s understanding of this landscape was incredibly helpful. Highly recommend!
— Erica S, Digital Strategist
I came to Pivot after casually job seeking for almost a year. I had participated in other professional development programs, but still struggled to find clarity on what my next career move should be and how to make it happen. My Pivot coaching package met and exceeded my expectations!
The biggest benefit I’ve experienced from working with Emily has been a clear path forward. I found each of the sessions very helpful - some game changing - with information that will help me throughout the rest of my career. I always felt very supported. I’d highly recommend Pivot coaching.
— Jerilyn, Business Professional
After being in the same arts administration job for five years, I needed a drastic change and wanted to change careers. But I hadn’t been on the job market for ages and didn’t know how to translate the skills I honed at an arts non-profit to another field.
I worked with Emily to gain much needed guidance, an outside eye, and perspective. She guided my through tools that helped me objectively look at my strengths and motivators. She talked me through my resume and gave me advice before and after interviews.
Within a couple of months, I was starting at a new company on a new career path that makes me far happier.
I’d recommend Pivot in a heartbeat!
— Elizabeth W., Global Consulting Firm
Emily provided me with such insightful advice and guidance that I immediately felt empowered to start turning an idea into something real.
She offered honest feedback that helped me change my perspective on myself and my career, propelling me in a direction that I’ve always dreamed of - being my own boss.
Her expertise reassured me that I can do something I’ve never done before, and do it well, utilizing the professional skills I had already developed.
I would highly recommend Emily and Pivot Journeys for anyone who wants to shift the work they do to something much more fulfilling, professionally and personally.
— Maria C., Founder, Bliss Without Bother
Pivot is transformational! Traveling to Belize - experiencing the ancient culture, the nature, the glorious water, the wonderful people (both the Belizeans and my fellow Pivoter’s.), eating great food, and working on my future was what the doctor ordered. I feel rested, energized, and ready to take on the world!
— Eva Kadrey, Senior Nonprofit Professional
Pivot Journeys played a critical role in my professional development. I came away empowered, motivated and equipped with the tools to continue to develop professionally. It’s incredible powerful to understand your strengths and how they are connected as you start to think about your mission and living this mission and what it entails. It was a transformative experience, giving me the clarity I need to continue to live into my best self.
— Carmen Cortez, Nonprofit Professional

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“Pivot New York City provided a safe space for self-reflection that was really valuable at this point in my career. Emily’s commitment to helping others realize their potential shows in the thoughtful choice of workshops and activities.
The uniquely designed Pivot curriculum inspired meaningful discussion that were also extremely empowering. After this transformative experience, I feel ready to make the changes that will propel me forward in my next career move!”
— Anya C., Nonprofit Analyst
It’s been almost two months and I am still thinking about the Pivot Journey workshops.
I have a whole new level of self-awareness about what I want from my career, and I find myself evaluating job descriptions differently than I did before Pivot.
I have a much better understanding of what I’m really good at, and what type of job and environment will be the best fit for me.
I’m very glad I did a Pivot Journey weekend!
— Margie Weinstein, City Government Employee
I work in marketing, and most of my experience has been in media and entertainment with 24/7 cultures. After 10 years of living in NYC, grad school and working 50+ hour weeks, I was burnt out, and in desperate need of a vacation. I had just come back from a business trip over the weekend, and was exhausted and sick. I was sitting my office asking saying to myself, “Why are you doing this? Go home and rest!”. In that moment I realized I need more than just rest – I need a real break. I contacted Pivot, and Emily called me hours later to discuss the program and trip.

I signed up for the Pivot Costa Rica trip to check out, and reassess what I’m currently doing for work. I’ve always wanted to do my own thing, either start a business or consulting, to allow myself the freedom to set my own schedule. I never expected to have an “a-ha” moment on this trip, but did when I realized that my hard working mentality was actually running me into the ground.

Pivot taught me that working hard doesn’t mean never using my vacation days. My journey helped me realize that I am in the right field of work, but that my work environment is not the right fit for me at this phase in my life. Pivot validated my strengths, and helped me identify language to describe what wasn’t working in my current role.

Combining career coaching with vacation and exploration created at atmosphere of hope and renewed possibilities. I left Costa Rica feeling inspired and motivated to start consulting on the side, and hope to be consulting full-time in six months.

If you need a change, if you’re contemplating quitting your job, if you feel stuck and aren’t sure what’s next, then go on a Pivot Journey. Relax. Reset. Reinvent yourself.
— Erin M., Corporate Marketing Professional
My Pivot Journey to Belize was amazing and life changing. The opportunity to travel and explore my future career options and choices with a group of others engaged in the same pursuit was uniquely special.
— Barbara Paxton - Senior Nonprofit Professional
The Pivot experience taught me more about myself in a way I could never do on my own. Being in a new city helped to inspire and engage me as I learned about what makes me tick and how I can bring my strengths to my next opportunity.
— Megan D, Legal Assistant
The forced deep reflection and subsequent action plan were very tangible and motivating.
— Harvey J., Nonprofit Professional
It was a great workshop! Particularly the strengths and talents work gave me an interesting new perspective on framing my work.
— Meghan S., Assistant at Nonprofit
Emily rocks. I had a pivotal “aha” moment at the weekend workshop and it has shaped how I plan to tell my story in the future. Pivot Journeys has brought out a new and curious way of finding what I’m looking for in a career. I really enjoyed having a safe and relaxing space to think about my next steps.
— Hannah A., Higher Education Professional

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