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“Emily was crucial to my transition from the newsroom to the world of progressive advocacy. It is a challenge teaching an old dog new tricks, but thanks to Emily's keen insight, strong analytical skills, creative problem-solving, I have been able to re-purpose 20 years as an award-winning journalist and forge a new and exciting career path.” Carl C. 

“When I was ready to make a career change, Emily was the first person I asked for help, and her advice and guidance were invaluable to helping me land a position that was a perfect fit. Emily's connections and creativity made job searching a (can't believe I'm writing this) pleasant process, and the next time I need career advice, she's at the top of my list!” Kevin S.

Emily Lamia, Founder & CEO. Emily has helped people navigate their career and love what they do for over a decade. As the founder of Pivot Journeys, she has seen the power that structured getaways can have for people who want to take their career to the next level. 

She started her career working to elect progressive champions to the White House & Congress, believing the best way to affect change was from the top-down. After various roles on electoral campaigns and at the Democratic National Committee, she shifted her focus to individuals as the best way to catalyze lasting impact in the world.

She found her love of individual capacity building as the Executive Director of Democratic GAIN, a national membership association for individuals and organizations within progressive politics. At GAIN, she oversaw the growth of career development programming and coaching for individuals trying to make a difference through advocacy, nonprofits, government, and campaigns. Prior to starting Pivot Journeys, Emily worked at Girl Scouts of the USA, managing the Office of the National Board who are tasked with the strategic oversight of the Movement that develops girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. 

Emily received her Masters in Public Administration from the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service at New York University, and her BA in politics from Mount Holyoke College. She certified and trained in key diagnostic tools including The PRINT Survey and the Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder.  Contact Emily.


Pivot Consulting Coaches

"Consulting with Marina was like breathing in fresh air. She is so refreshingly positive, able to see goals clearly, and great at building confidence." - Beebe Okoye

“Marina has had an indelible impact on my life. I’ve worked with other coaches — including master-certified coaches as well as former senior executives at Fortune 500 companies — and despite all of that, Marina is the first coach who I’ve truly felt connected to. She almost immediately makes you feel as though she’s on your team, as if your projects are her projects. She has perfect timing during meetings, and excellent intuition, making it so you always feel as though you are both in control and being guided. Combine all of this with a project management background and what you end up with are pure results. In less than a year we’ve overcome limitations that I struggled with for a decade. I can’t possibly recommend her high enough!" - Michael Trollan

Marina Romashko, Consulting Coach. Marina is the founder of Big Idea Lab, an idea coach, and a producer. She makes BIG IDEAS happen.

Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Marina moved to the US in 1999 and after various jobs in sales, project management, producing and even bartending, she started her coaching business, Big Idea Lab in 2009. Marina has helped individuals from a variety of backgrounds bring their ideas and projects to fruition. She believes that transformation happens through action. She is also an advocate for the importance of slowing down and leading a balanced life - an approach she has developed and incorporated in her work with clients and now for her Slow Down Retreats. 

Marina loves yoga, meditation, dancing, hiking, feeding people, and buying flowers. She was a the consulting coach on the December 2016 Pivot Costa Rica Journey.


Surabhi Lal, Consulting Coach. Surabhi is currently the Director of Career Services at New York University's Robert F. Wagner School for Public Service. She focuses on career coaching and planning for graduate students and alumni, ranging from those who are just starting their careers to seasoned professionals, as well as those who are changing careers.

She has worked in leadership and career development within universities, built systems and innovative programs in internationally focused start-up organizations, and worked in grants management. 

Using a multicultural and multidimensional lens, she knows that searching for a job impacts many facets of one's life. She loves helping others craft their pitch, develop a strategy for their search, and connect them with resources and people. She finds joy in making the unwritten rules of a job search more explicit and guiding others on their journey to career success. 


"My sessions with Cathy are a perfect mix of reflection and strategizing guided by Cathy bottomless bag of exercises and her patient, probing questions. I leave each week both clearer about my priorities and more grounded in the personal contributions that I can and should be making in my organization. She is simply the best at what she does and those of us who have the privilege of working with her are, thankfully, better for it.” Trish T.

“Since working with Cathy as my career coach my outlook and actions have transformed completely. I see opportunity and connections where I did not before, and I am exponentially more confident about myself and what I can contribute through my professional life. I could not recommend someone more highly.”
Christine P.

Cathy Wasserman, Consulting Coach. Cathy is a catalyst of important conversations and positive change within individuals, groups, organizations, and communities. A leadership coach, social experimentrice, and world traveler, her quest is to better nurture love, connection, and reflection in our hyper fast-paced, always connected, but strangely disconnected society. She has traveled to dozens of countries and loves the way that travel grows self-understanding, empathy and the capacity to share our gifts.

Through her business, Self-Leadership Strategies, Cathy has helped hundreds of individuals, from CEO’s to activists, CFO’s to non-profit professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and others to access their full potential and realize their personal and professional goals, from making major career changes to maximizing opportunities in current work. She also helps organizations recruit and nurture leaders, and develop encouraging, innovative culture. Previously, Cathy has worked as a community organizer in the feminist and youth leadership movements as well as a youth program director, youth program officer, and nonprofit management consultant.

She has an MSW from Smith College and a BA in Psychology from Wesleyan University. Cathy was the consulting coach on the Pivot NYC and Pivot Belize Journey in early 2016. 


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