Pivot Journeys works with organizations and teams to build strengths-based cultures that fully leverage the skills of all team members and increase collaboration and employee engagement.


How We Do It:

We start by understanding your team’s goals, opportunities and challenges.
From there, we create a custom plan for engagement.

Whether you need an engaging, skills-based development workshop for a staff retreat, or help boosting employee engagement and performance through ongoing executive coaching and foundational change, we work with you to deliver experiences that energize staff, promote high-performance, increase retention, and minimize conflict.

What sets us apart from other organizational development consultants?

At the heart of our work is a belief that when individuals increase their self-awareness and understand their teammates better, they are better able to solve problems, clear communication roadblocks, and work towards better outcomes.

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Two of our goals were to build collaboration and a shared language within and across the team, and to provide tools for building culture within Echoing Green. Emily jumped on multiple pre-retreat calls to really understand our goals and our work. The resulting experience was outstanding. The Pivot workshop was well organized, filled with interactive team building activities PLUS tools we continue to use to this day. The structure Emily used was clearly a direct result of hearing our concerns and addressing our goals. Through the space Emily created, it gave me the opportunity to know each of my team members through a new lens. As a result, my team has a shared experience, common language, and a better understanding of our team dynamics that have had such a positive impact on our work within Echoing Green.
— Keno Sadler, VP of Programs, Echoing Green
When I approached Pivot Journeys, my team needed a better understanding of our individual talents and in particular, how our collective talents could help us achieve our goals. We brought Emily in for a key piece of our two-day step back in 2016. Our experience was so great we brought her back in 2017 to help us go deeper and plan for the next year. Emily has very evident expertise with the content and brought great insights. In particular, her ability to make meaningful contributions specific and actionable for me as a manager and for the team has been so valuable - we draw from our understanding and takeaways from these workshops often. Even in between workshops, Emily has served as a resource and I’ve found our conversations really helpful. I feel better equipped as a manager to navigate upcoming team transitions in light of what I’ve learned.
— Susan Saltrick, VP Development at Teach for America
We brought Pivot in for our yearly staff retreat to do a session on helping teams look at how to work together more effectively - it isn’t enough to say ‘work harder or better’, we must look at how we’re doing the work and how we’re working with one another. Emily came recommended and the experience was excellent. The best part was seeing our staff respond enthusiastically and energetically to the training - people really connected with Emily and the tool she used. The Pivot session was the top ranked session of our staff!
— Rich Thomas, SVP of Strategic Initiatives & General Counsel, League of Conservation Voters

Schedule a 30-minute exploratory call to discuss your team needs:

We were looking for an engaging way to help our team work better together and brought Emily in for a part of our day-long offsite. The session opened up a great dialogue with our team as a whole and gave our team a new way to tune in to how people like to approach their work and collaborate accordingly. It was a great session and we’ve heard really positive feedback from the team!
— Jaime Petkanics, VP People, Brooklinen
For the first time in years, our team was getting ready to take a step back for a retreat. We were excited to build community and better understand each other. Having seen Emily in action at a previous workshop, I knew that the tools she used and her facilitation style was just what we needed to achieve our goals. The Pivot workshop was an awesome addition to our retreat. Our team dynamics make so much more sense as a result, and we uncovered important takeaways related to people’s roles. Our team communication has gotten stronger and we have a common language because of the tools and resources she used.
— Kate Hayes, Direct Impact Director, Echoing Green
I approached Emily when I was working through the next steps for scaling a small business - figuring out if/who to hire, and how to put systems in place to execute the next steps for growth. From our initial phone call we built a rapport and I could tell she understood my business. The session she hosted for my team was very informative and helpful in seeing how our strengths compliment each other. The team found the workshop super helpful.
— Gretchen Brinson, Executive Chef and Founder, Homecookd
Emily was extremely knowledgeable and
provided great insight into ways that our
team could function best, given our different
— Pat Eaton, Program Coordinator at NYU Wagner
Our Pivot Journey retreat provided our team
the language to clearly identify the
challenges we were facing, and the tools for
how to help solve them.
— Carminia Muñoz, Managing Director Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Teach For America

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