What is Pivot Journeys?

We offer self-discovery experiences through our unique curriculum, which includes diagnostic tools, reflections, and exercises all designed to help you take your career to the next level. 

  • Before I started Pivot coaching I was struggling to understand my strengths and the types of roles that would be a good fit for me. I also struggled with confidence and self-esteem. Pivot coaching has been life changing for me. My biggest takeaway has been regaining my confidence and relearning to love the things that make me who I am. Emily has been monumentally encouraging and helped reignite my belief in myself that I have something to offer this world. She is super insightful, very responsive and caring, knows her stuff, and meets you wherever you are in the journey of finding out what you want to do with you life!
    — Katie Aholt, Nonprofit Professional
  • After being in the same arts administration job for five years, I needed a drastic change and wanted to change careers. But I hadn’t been on the job market for ages and didn’t know how to translate the skills I honed at an arts non-profit to another field. I worked with Emily to gain much needed guidance, an outside eye, and perspective. She guided my through tools that helped me objectively look at my strengths and motivators. She talked me through my resume and gave me advice before and after interviews. Within a couple of months, I was starting at a new company on a new career path that makes me far happier. I’d recommend Pivot in a heartbeat!
    — Elizabeth W., Global Consulting Firm
  • Pivot Journeys is transformational! Traveling to Central America - experiencing the ancient culture, the nature, the wonderful people, eating great food, and working on my future was just what the doctor ordered. I feel rested, energized, and ready to take on the world!
    — Eva Kadrey, Senior Nonprofit Professional
  • The Pivot experience taught me more about myself in a way I could never do on my own. Being in a new city helped to inspire and engage me as I learned about what makes me tick and how I can bring my strengths to my next opportunity.
    — Megan D., Legal Assistant
  • I have a whole new level of self-awareness about what I want from my career, and I find myself evaluating job descriptions differently than I did before Pivot. I have a much better understanding of what I'm really good at, and what type of job and environment will be the best fit for me.
    — Margie Weinstein, Higher Education Professional

Upcoming Journeys

Find your Career Direction
Online Workshop

60-Minute Online Workshop, Available Anytime

Workshop Fee: $10


Career Mapping workshoPS

Discover your Strengths & Map Out What's Next
Wednesday, December 5 in NYC

Workshop Fee: $65


Individual Career Coaching

One-on One Coaching, In-Person or Virtual
4, 8 & 15+ Session Packages

Investment: $799 & Up


Strengths-Based Management Workshop

Strengthen your Management Skills
Wednesday, October 17 in NYC

Workshop Fee: $79


Team Building Journeys

Workshops, Group Sessions & Team Retreats
In-Person Around the Country 

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